Kravice waterfalls from Dubrovnik

Private Transportation from Dubrovnik to Kravice Waterfalls: A Journey into the Heart of Nature

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Kravice Waterfall: A Natural Jewel of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Kravice Waterfall, located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, represents one of the most impressive natural phenomena in the region. This magnificent waterfall is situated on the Trebižat River, about 40 kilometers south of Mostar and relatively close to the Croatian border, making it accessible to visitors from various parts of the region.

Enchanting Natural Beauty

Kravice Waterfall impresses with its width of about 120 meters and a height reaching up to 25 meters. The waterfall’s uniqueness lies in the water cascading over a semi-circular edge into a greenish-blue lagoon below. The surrounding area of the waterfall is abundant with lush vegetation, creating an idyllic and almost surreal scene.

Activities and Attractions

Visitors to Kravice Waterfall can enjoy various activities:

Swimming and Relaxation: In the summer, many visitors take the opportunity to refresh themselves in the natural pool beneath the waterfall. The water may be cold, but the experience of swimming in such a spectacular environment is unforgettable.

Picnicking and Rest: The area around the waterfall is ideal for picnics and relaxing in nature. There are areas equipped for sitting and enjoying the local landscape.

Kayaking and Canoeing: On the Trebižat River, it is possible to organize kayaking or canoeing, providing a unique perspective on the waterfall and surrounding nature.

Restaurants and Cafés: Near the waterfall, there are restaurants and cafés where visitors can try local specialties and enjoy the view of the waterfall.

Practical Information

Tickets: A ticket is required to visit the waterfall. Prices may vary depending on the season.

Best Time to Visit: The waterfall is particularly attractive during spring and summer when the water level is highest, and the vegetation is most lush.


Kravice Waterfall offers not only spectacular sights and the opportunity to relax in nature but also the chance for adventure and exploration. Its natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere make it a perfect escape from everyday life and a must-visit destination for nature lovers visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina.