Dubrovnik airport to Kotor

Embarking on a journey from Dubrovnik Airport to Kotor in Montenegro is an exciting adventure that will lead you to one of the Adriatic’s hidden gems. Kotor, a picturesque coastal town nestled within the Bay of Kotor, is renowned for its stunning scenery, rich history, and charming old town. Let’s explore the details of this journey, the must-see attractions in Kotor, and delve into the town’s fascinating history.

The Journey from Dubrovnik Airport to Kotor

The distance from Dubrovnik Airport to Kotor is approximately 90 kilometers (56 miles), and getting there is a straightforward process with various transportation options. Definitely you must consider a comfortable and stress-free journey. For that, the best option is a private transfer and our advice is to consider booking service from Dubrovnik Airport to Kotor, which can be arranged in advance on the bottom of this page. In this way, you will ensure your transport on time and you will no longer have to worry about it.

Must-See Attractions in Kotor

Kotor is a town filled with historical sites, natural beauty, and cultural gems. Here are some of the must-see attractions and activities in Kotor and its vicinity:

Kotor Old Town: The heart of Kotor is its beautifully preserved old town, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Explore its narrow streets, charming squares, and historical buildings.

Kotor City Walls: Embark on a challenging hike up the city walls for breathtaking panoramic views of the bay and the town. The climb is well worth it for the photo opportunities.

St. Tryphon’s Cathedral: Admire the stunning architecture of this Romanesque church, which dates back to the 12th century.

Bay of Kotor: Enjoy a boat tour around the bay to experience the stunning fjord-like scenery and visit charming coastal villages like Perast and Herceg Novi.

Perast: This nearby town is famous for its baroque architecture, picturesque islands, and the Our Lady of the Rocks islet with its church and museum.

Lovćen National Park: Take a day trip to this national park to explore the breathtaking landscapes and visit the Mausoleum of Njegoš, perched atop Mount Lovćen.

The Rich History of Kotor

Kotor’s history is a tapestry of influences, with traces of Roman, Byzantine, Venetian, and Ottoman rule. Founded in the 2nd century BC, Kotor was an important trading hub during the Middle Ages. Its defensive walls, fortresses, and well-preserved medieval architecture are testament to its historical significance.

Throughout the centuries, Kotor faced numerous challenges and conflicts, including sieges and battles. Today, it stands as a testament to its resilience and is cherished for its unique cultural heritage and natural beauty.


The journey from Dubrovnik Airport to Kotor is a captivating excursion through history and picturesque landscapes. Whether you’re exploring the old town, hiking the city walls, or cruising along the bay, Kotor offers a diverse range of experiences for every traveler. So, embrace the charm of Kotor, uncover its historical treasures, and create unforgettable memories in this Adriatic jewel.