Dubrovnik airport to old town

When you arrive at Dubrovnik Airport, one of the first things on your travel agenda is likely to be a visit to the iconic Dubrovnik Old Town. The Old Town, often referred to as the “Pearl of the Adriatic,” is a historical and cultural gem waiting to be explored. Let’s delve into the details of this journey, uncovering the must-see attractions and the rich history of Dubrovnik Old Town.

The Journey from Dubrovnik Airport to Old Town

Upon landing at Dubrovnik Airport, you’ll find several convenient transportation options to reach Dubrovnik Old Town:

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Must-See Attractions in Dubrovnik Old Town

Once you’ve arrived at Dubrovnik Old Town, you’ll be greeted by a maze of narrow streets, stunning architecture, and a rich tapestry of history and culture. Here are some must-see attractions and experiences:

City Walls: Walk along the well-preserved city walls for panoramic views of the Old Town, the Adriatic Sea, and the surrounding islands. The walls offer a unique perspective of the city’s layout.

Stradun (Placa): This central street is the heartbeat of Dubrovnik, lined with shops, cafes, and historic buildings. It leads you to the main square, Luža Square, where you’ll find Orlando’s Column and the Sponza Palace.

Rector’s Palace: Discover the history of Dubrovnik’s governance at the Rector’s Palace, which now houses a museum showcasing the city’s past.

Dubrovnik Cathedral: Visit this stunning baroque cathedral and explore its treasury, which contains relics and religious art.

Franciscan Monastery: Admire the Romanesque and Gothic architecture of this monastery and explore the old pharmacy, one of the oldest in Europe.

Onofrio’s Fountain: This beautiful fountain, designed by the architect Onofrio della Cava, has been providing fresh water to the city for centuries.

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The Rich History of Dubrovnik Old Town

Dubrovnik Old Town has a history dating back to the 7th century when it was founded by refugees fleeing the fall of the Roman Empire. Over the centuries, it developed into a powerful maritime republic known as the Republic of Ragusa. This republic was renowned for its diplomacy, trade, and cultural achievements.

The city’s defensive walls, which stretch for 1,940 meters (6,365 feet), served as a formidable barrier against potential invaders. Dubrovnik’s commitment to maintaining its independence is evident in the walls’ impressive architecture and defensive structures.